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Tips on Choosing the Best Drug Testing Kit For the Workplace

One of the most heartbreaking situations that an employer can face is employees abusing drugs in the workplace or sometimes outside working hours. This can not only hinder maximum productivity, but it may also endanger the lives of the user, other employees, or even the company’s clients. As an employer, what steps can you take when you suspect that employees are abusing drugs? Confronting the workers without sufficient evidence is hardly a great plan. The best and most efficient way to handle the situation is by using a reliable drug testing kit to find out the truth. You can follow the following guidelines to find a great drug testing kit as long as your company permits it.

Prior to buying the drug testing kit of your choice, it is vital that you are well informed of the drugs that you are testing for. Nowadays, the number of drugs being abused in the workplace has grown tremendously and it is up to the employer to be sure of the type of drugs they are testing for before they can purchase the kits. Although all types of drugs are not conducive to the workplace, the employer may only wish to test for specific drugs in the workers. If the employer wishes to test for multiple drugs by using one testing kit, there are kits with that feature. But if the employer wishes to only test for a particular drug, such kits are available.

Although many employers don’t concern themselves with what the worker does while off duty, sobriety while at the workplace is another matter altogether. The employer might want to discover the amount of drugs in the bloodstream of the worker if the worker is still under the influence of the drug. Therefore it is up to the employer to know the time limit for which they wish to test for the drug in question. They should also understand the length of time that the drugs they want to test for stays in the body so as to reduce the chances of picking up drug used outside of working hours. Find out if an initial oral drug test or a urine test can detect traces of the drug.

The efficiency and reliability of the drug testing kit should be brought into sharp focus before it can be used on the workers. The reputation of an innocent employee might be ruined if the testing kit wrongly detects drugs in the bloodstream. It is even more tragic if the testing kit fails to detect drugs in the blood system of a heavy drug user, therefore, endangering the user and other workers. Therefore it is vital to find out how dependable the testing kits are and their track record. Choosing extremely cheap kits to save on costs is not advisable. Has the kit been checked by the drug administrators and certified by the relevant bodies?

Let’s face it, no employer would like to handle urine and saliva samples even if it is for the greater good of the company. So the employer should ask himself how far he is prepared to go when testing. Some people wouldn’t like the idea of handling samples. Therefore testing kits that minimize contact with the specimen should be bought. You are advised to consider more factors to be able to choose well.

A 10-Point Plan for Kits (Without Being Overwhelmed)

A 10-Point Plan for Kits (Without Being Overwhelmed)